What Men Notice About You, Even Before Your Brea-sts

Nowadays, with everyone using ‘push-up’ bras in their lingerie, it’s not uncommon for men to find other features of a girl more appealing. Yes, even before they notice your bre@sts or backside, they begin to notice your face, your HAIR! Yes, hair has won over cleavage in the battle of appeal. Read how.

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According to a survey by Glamour, it’s your heathier, silkier hair that attracts men. Now get back to some statistics.

  • 74% of men notice women just because of their hair.
  • 82% reported that healthy, sexy hair is the key element that determines her $ex appeal.
  • 44% indicated they notice hair first, followed by her clothes (26%), legs (25%), makeup (4%).
  • Most men indicated they would approach a girl with long, silky hair than one wearing a low undercut shirt.
  • 78% of men told they consider healthy hair to be a big turn on.
  • 60% reveal they would date men with big hair than with big boobs.


According to Steve Ward (of VH1 Tough Love fame) yes! “Anyone can wear a low-cut blouse, but not everyone can have great hair,” he said. Your hair can appeal to any man.

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Hair that is healthy and well-kept send positive vibes to men that you keep clean and neat. They show you take care of yourself and take pride in your appearance. All these characteristics turn men on.

Now, can you manage great hair and a great career? What’s more important to you? Does bad hair really signal something so detrimental about your personality that they shoo away men from you? Well, a well-rounded personality makes a great resume, hair being just a part of it. But, make sure you keep them tidy and shiny before you go out on a date. Hair can make a wonderful first impression. Go ahead!

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What Men Notice About You, Even Before Your Brea-sts

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