Here’s How Your Body Knows The Mr. Right For You

You have just met the person and you should really be confused if the person is the one you have been looking for. Your heart isn’t the only asset you’ve got that tells you who your Mr. Right is. Let your body speak.

1. Warmth – The guy with you makes you feel warmer and lighter, he loves you and you love him too. If he makes you feel colder instead, get off at the next stop.

2. Optimism – If not anything, his presence has made your life much better than before. You get a newer clarity for life. You want to dream bigger and stay happier. That’s another good sign.

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3. Be yourself – You feel motivated to “be” yourself. You don’t need to wear the cloak of someone else to impress him or gain his attention. You love yourself so much more when you are with him.

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4. Motivated – His presence fills you with motivation, the desire to excel and pursue your dreams and things you felt unattainable. Whenever you feel down, his presence cheers the whole ambiance.

5. Health – He tells you to stay healthier and make healthier food choices. When you are with him, you feel healthy anyway. Happy you two!

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6. Scent – If his scent intoxicates you, charms you up and makes you feel longing, then this is the man for you.

7. Empathy – When we truly love someone, we can’t see them in any kind of pain or suffering. We feel the same way when they do feel bad. We empathize with them. We just love them.

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8. Intuition – your ‘gut feeling’ or your ‘sixth sense’ can tell you everything. Though not scientifically proven, intuition can be your guide to finding your true love.

9. Cuddling – Cuddling is the strong indicator whether you truly love someone or not. Cuddling is very intimate and a strong indicator of your emotional connection with your partner.

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10. If he gets you wet you there – yes, if you feel that area of yours get wet, it’s biology telling you there’s something you can’t ignore him. Of course, he heats you up.

11. Echoes – If his presence still echoes everywhere long after you’ve parted ways with him, if you can feel the sensation of his hands even long after being in bed together, there’s a lot worth investing in this relationship.

12. He is your need now – When he’s not around, you’re longing for him. He’s become your need. Be it physical or mental, he is your utmost “need” now!

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13. Calm – With him around, the sense of calmness and equanimity you feel is indescribable. The ease his presence offers you is the most soothing experience of your life.

14. Don’t ignore these signs – They tell you if you truly love the person. There’s no way you are ignoring these.

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Here’s How Your Body Knows The Mr. Right For You

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