He Asks These Girls If They Prefer Kissing A Bearded Or A Clean Shaven Guy! Reactions Are Epic!

Nowadays, the definition of love has drastically changed. It isn’t just about cuddling or spending nice time together. Kissing has become a vital part of any relationship.

Gone are the days when women used to feel awkward about $ex talks. These days they are absolutely BINDASS when it comes to relationship and the stuff. They are particular about what sort of a person they would want to date or kiss.


A group of women was surveyed and asked if they would prefer to kiss bearded men or clean shaved. The results were epic!

Almost all women, with one exception, preferred stubble over both bearded men and too cleanly shaved ones. The reasons-

Too cleanly shaved men gave the impression of being boys or “girls”. How can a girl want to kiss another girl? Most girls want to kiss men. They don’t feel like kissing those too cleanly shaved because they possess much less of manly vibes around them.

What about guys too bearded? They are disgusting as well. Because too many hairs come into teeth or enter the mouth. This is also irritating. Though girls feel they are dating true men, yet the prospect of having to kiss someone with long beards seems intolerable.

So, the middle path is the best option to take. Men maintaining a little stubble are a good option for most women. They feel sufficiently turned on without feeling exasperated about their hair entering their mouths. A little stubble makes men feel more masculine. Women feel they aren’t kissing “boys” or as some sarcastically put it up “another girl”.

A few women were also questioned about having to kiss their guy after he had had onion or giving off bad morning breath. Women in a long term relationship have passed through those stages already and don’t find it annoying. Morning breath, however, seems more irritating for them than onion smell.

The takeaway – grow stubble, keep it in shape to attract women instead of repelling them.

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He Asks These Girls If They Prefer Kissing A Bearded Or A Clean Shaven Guy! Reactions Are Epic!

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