8 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Incredibly Happy… Follow These things !

The man has been able to understand the whole universe but he still can’t understand the “woman”. She is so hard to decode. Women are still a big mystery. When we men love a woman, we want to know her more.

But women are complicated. They are hard to know. Sometimes they are sensible. Other times, they just don’t make any sense whatsoever. How can a man please a woman if she just doesn’t make sense? Don’t worry. We are here to rescue you from the troubled waters of confusion and secure your place in an oasis of love and harmony.

Let’s look at some points to keep her happy.

Respect her, treat her nice

Love without love and understanding is no love at all. When you love someone, you must accept them without judging. Don’t insult or disrespect them for their past, their opinions or values they hold. Women need respect from the guy they love.

Embrace her flaws and imperfections

This is the most beautiful thing about love. We embrace the other person as he/she is. We know we aren’t perfect and we shouldn’t expect the same stuff from our partner. Accepting them as they cajole the relationship.

You must always listen to her

Women are more talkative than men. Most of their talks are nonsensical r gibberish. But they’ll appreciate it when you listen to them. They’ll appreciate that you are a good listener. Listen not pretentiously but truly. It moves you both closer.

Be there for her

Be it a small problem relating to house chores or major problems relating to career, she’s going to need you at every step. Be there for her ever. Support her in solving her problem.

Don’t take her for granted

Men typically start taking their women for granted. They stop appreciating them, complementing them or making them feel special. If you do that, the spark in your relationship is long gone. Always give her the most needed and awaited heartfelt compliments from your side.

Don’t cheat

Don’t lie to her. Lying means sowing the seeds of distrust in her. She’ll always be worried and questioning if you’re with someone else. She’ll lose faith in you. So, just keep your girl happy. Don’t worry about others.

Dress well, have a good sense of humor

Girls like to spend their time with someone who can complement them and make them laugh. Your dressing reflects who you are from inside. So, dress well and nicely. That’s important.

Share your sensitive side

Girls don’t expect their macho men to be omnipotent. Every man has his weak side and girls appreciate when he shares the same with them. Women are creatures ebullient with emotions. They need it to feel safe and better.


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8 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Incredibly Happy… Follow These things !

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