Guy Asks Girls To Give Him Valid Excuses For Breaking Up With Girlfriend! Replies Are Hilarious!

Affairs are quite common. Every second person today has a boyfriend or girlfriend. Love is all we desire. And, God has given us our significant other to feel joyous with. But, all you know is just the lovely part of the story.

Every coin has two sides, right? Love has its dark side as well. Every relation passes through its ups and downs, and breakups are the worst part of it. This is the sour, bitter part of the relationship.

There are so many reasons for the breakup. Emotional disconnect or isolation is one of the major reasons. Sometimes, the boy loses interest in the girl and wants to end the relationship. But all he’s in search of is a valid excuse. Yeah, the excuse that can save him from all the rantings, vituperations, and venomous outbursts he’s going to receive if he approaches his girlfriend headlong.

So, we asked a group of girl regarding their opinions as to with what excuse must the guy break the news to his girlfriend without turning her into a b*tch!

Tell her you are a gay. This was the boldest suggestion perhaps given to him. But cmon! Can you seriously do that? To break up with her, can you smear your face with such infamy? I don’t think you must consider this option. In fact, if the girl had been in your place, she wouldn’t have touted herself a “lesbi@n” to break up with her man. No, unacceptable!

Tell her I want to focus on my career. Another lame excuse. But yes, it can shed the weak hearted ones aside. For them, the fact alone that they are obstructing his career is enough of a put-down and they won’t come running to you.

What about possessive girlfriends? Or those who truly love you but you happened to lose interest in them maybe due to their possessiveness or something?

Well, such girlfriends can break down too easily. They can write a suicide note, threatening you with everything. You don’t have much of the options left. I lost interest in you/ Maybe we must start seeing other people, though clichés are your final rescue. After all, no one is foolish. Everyone gets to know the truth eventually. In case, your shrewd girlfriend has a rebuttal to every excuse of yours, you have to face her! Hope she has no rebuttal to direct confrontation.

If you have a girlfriend who so truly loves you, don’t break up with her as many girls suggested. There are only 1 in 100 who are serious about love-shav. Rest all change boyfriends like clothes they put on. If there’s something troubling about her, better tell her rather than just head for a breakup.

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Guy Asks Girls To Give Him Valid Excuses For Breaking Up With Girlfriend! Replies Are Hilarious!

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