Being Good In Bed Won’t Make Him Marry You — This Will

Commitment phobic men often make $ex their topmost priority. They make it clear all they want is $ex and marriage would put an end to it forever. Women often feel if they serve as the $ex store for their men, they won’t cheat on them or will marry them. Nothing happens.

You can’t keep him from cheating on you or not marrying you! Here’s why in spite of being so good in bed, he won’t marry you.

1. Having $ex with a man who puts too much priority on love making puts pressure on lovemaking –

Is it performance anxiety? Yes, and you can’t fake an 0rgasm. The man will quickly sense if you are faking it or actually having it. It’s difficult to enjoy $ex when you use it as a weapon to save your relationship.

2. Having $ex with a man to convince him to marry you is self-abandonment –

There’s nothing less appealing than a woman who has given up on her values and principles for a man. Don’t ditch yourself for him. If you lose yourself, there’s nothing you can gain out of the relationship.

3. Even if you convince him to marry you, you’ll have to do this forever

Asking the lustful man to marry you will take its toll on you so soon. You’ll have to turn somersaults day after day, month after month, or even year after year. No doubt, being good at bed is critical to the success of your relationship. But $ex isn’t the sole ingredient of your relationship.

4. Men who are afraid of commitment feel smothered after having sex with you

Even if he enjoys having $ex with you, $ex puts him in a certain obligation towards you. He quickly feels smothered against such an obligation. So, even if he enjoys $ex, it can smother him to death!

5. Commitment afraid men will sense something rotten in the Denmark

They know easily when you are gaming them over any camouflaging pheromones you emit. They can sense subtle things too easily. They are like bloodhounds. 

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Being Good In Bed Won’t Make Him Marry You — This Will

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