8 Simple Ways To Have A Completely Stress-Free Relationship Talk

It’s possible! Determining the relationship (DTR) talks and the women who bring them up to suffer a bad reputation. Of course, no one wants stressful sitdowns, “we need to talk” types. But, at times, they are inevitable. When so many questions are flushing in your mind, you don’t know how to get rid of them. The only option left is to sit down coolly and talk.

There are 8 steps to follow before you set your mind for a DTR talk.

First, check if both of you are ready – Maybe, your man is just isn’t ready yet. Feel out to know his status in his mind for the relationship. Does he spend more time with you than usual? Does he take you out with him oftener? Did he introduce you to his family and friends? Do two of you really fit together as a couple?

Find the right time – Time after the sex isn’t right for such conversations. The time during the sex is a bit more acceptable. Find the time when you both can feel focused on each other, without interruption. Choose home not a public place for such discussions. Don’t be drunk even if you feel very nervous at the moment.

Start with a positive opener – WE NEED TO TALK is the last sentence you should be using. Say something like, “this is the best weekend I spent with you and the third one in a row too!” This keeps the conversation light and less intense.

Keep the conversation light – Keep your tone upbeat and light as much as possible. Don’t discuss serious stuff too seriously. Crack jokes in between and other stuff! Just avoid creating the scene sober.

Now tell him what this means to you – Tell him spending time with him, hanging out with him has been a fun! What about him? Does he share the same feelings?

Listen to what he says – Don’t ring your ears with what you want to hear. Listen patiently to him. Does he agree? What does he add to the conversation?

Now bring up the exclusiveness – After he indicates he’s interested in you, then only should you bring up such topics. If he truly sounds interested in the relationship stuff, then only should you take this relationship to the next level.

And take it from here – if he doesn’t say he is going exclusive too, then don’t panic. Maybe, he’s still not so much into you. Maybe, he needs a couple of more weeks to decide on. If he admits seeing other people even after a lot of time, move ahead!

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8 Simple Ways To Have A Completely Stress-Free Relationship Talk

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