5 Ways Divorce Is Better Than Marriage

Getting a divorce feels sorry but on a relationship that’s fuming with hatred and mistrust, coming out of it is an ecstasy!! Yes, considering divorce, though maybe your last option isn’t something so bad either if you so critically need it.

1. You have time to work on a relationship

When married, you scarcely get time for your relationship. There are always excuses in the book to try to connect closer. The married life, with all its obligations and hurdles, always gives you so little time to your spouse and vice versa. The divorced couples often have more time and flexibility when it comes to maintaining agood relationship. They might spend more time closer with their new partner. Things get much better with the second date. Your married friends start inflaming with jealousy.

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2. More love with kids

Kids miss their parents more. Kids may get more clingy as a result of divorce. They love their parents even more than they would have if their parents had always been around them. The kids have to spend divided time with each of the parent, which makes the little time they send with any single parent as being more precious and useful.

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3. Your happiness depends on but you

After the divorce, people do realize that their happiness depends only on THEM. Yes, YOU ALONE are responsible for your happiness. People think of a hundred ways to make themselves unhappy. Women complain their husbands don’t bring them flowers regularly, and so feel sad they don’t love them.Woman in Sunglasses on Grey Scale Photo

Huh! Your happiness or sadness lies inside you. It is your perception of reality. If you choose to make yourself unhappier, it’s your choice. Your partner may not even be aware that you are sad because of no fault of his.

Remember, you are happy or sad because of your own mental formations. If you are eternally unhappy, what makes you think your next marriage will fetch you joy?

4. You don’t have to answer anybody

Men often interfere with women’s shopping habits. They think their S.O. is just not competent enough to shop wisely. If you pick up a bag for $500, get ready for the insulting reproach by your husband. You have to explain everything to your husband. This makes is all so disgusting.Woman Near Grass Lawn during Daytime

Now you don’t have to answer anybody. Now you need to tell yourself you’re smart and don’t have anyone judging you.

5. You get to reinvent yourself

Before the divorce, you were a sadder person. You had to read self-help books in isolation, for instance. You had to keep things hidden from your partner so that his anger isn’t invoked by something he doesn’t like.backlit, beach, dawn

Now the story is opposite. With no strings attached, you feel you can touch the sky. You are a more wonderful person and a more wonderful parent too. The next time you offer your consolations to anyone divorced, maybe you’re wrong. The divorce could prove to be the best decision of their life.

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5 Ways Divorce Is Better Than Marriage

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