24 Strangers Photobombed Ordinary Photos And Turned Them Into Real Gems

Strangers Photobombed Ordinary Photos and Turned Them Into Real Gems

When we take a picture, we pay attention to all the details: the background, poses, and facial expressions. However, sometimes we can’t foresee everything, and unpredictable things make photos much better.

Interestingside found awesome photos that were meant to be a bit different before these hilarious strangers photobombed them. Let’s see which you like the most!

 “My lady friend wanted a piggyback picture on the beach, and a random biker watching the sunset said he wanted one too.”

“My friend tried to take a nice picture at the mall.”

Photobomb at the Mall: Reddit user @TongueCave uploaded this photo, stating that his friend tried to take a nice picture at the mall. Notice anything off about this photo? That’s right, check out the epic photobomb between these two lovers! This is next level trolling awesomeness. We give this 10/10 photobombs. A textbook example of the best photobomb out there.

“My photobomb at Coachella was captured by the paparazzi.”

The Coachella Face: This internet user decided to photobomb actor Ian Somerhalder and his girlfriend Nikki Read at the Coachella festival. The photobomb happened to also be captured by the Paparazzi, which is hilarious. We give this photobomb 8/10 photobombs! Notice how he goes for the classic ‘stick out your tongue’ face. Nicely done!

“It’s so irritating when cute girls mess with my photo shoot.”

Bachelorette Party Photobomb: This one is just fabulous. Reddit user @Lutya uploaded this photo of her at her cousin’s bachelorette party, and the look on the guy’s face says it all. We also love how he sticks out his tushie to imitate these ladies. This is so great. 10/10 photobombs.

“My son was asked to take a picture of a nice Asian family at Disneyland…he did not understand.”

Disneyland Confusion: This Reddit user @utrain211 uploaded a photo of their son posing with a nice Asian family at Disneyland. Why? He was apparently asked to take a picture of the family, but didn’t quite understand, and thought they wanted to pose with him instead. Adorable. We give this 6/10 photobombs, if only for the unexpected confusion.

We wonder when they noticed this epic photobomber?

Feast & Forest: These friends got together and likely had a lovely lunch together at this Feast & Forest restaurant. Notice anything strange about the first panel? The closer you look, the more hilarious this gets. Obviously, this guy knew what he was doing. We give this a much deserved 10/10 photobombs.

“If you’re gonna photobomb a kiss, do it right.”

Middle School Shenanigans: This young boy decided to be an epic troll, and he absolutely nailed it. It’s likely he asked his young friend to kiss another person she was comfortable kissing, but this boy decided to aim his selfie absolutely perfectly. Cute, but maybe also a little creepy. 7/10 photobombs.

Oh, I’m sorry. Were you taking a picture of the castle?

Swan Song: You want a picture of the nice castle? SQUAAAK! Nope! This is absolutely hilarious. This vacationer obviously tried taking a beautiful photo of Matsumoto castle in Japan. The swan had a different idea. Truthfully, swans are super evil creatures and we hate them. This gets 4/10 photobombs because Swans are awful.

Sweet old man at the beach: “Would you like me to take a photo of you 2 lovebirds?“ My wife: ”Yes please!” Nailed it.

Old Man Selfie Bomb: This one is just so genuine and hilarious we can’t help but laugh. This old guy asked the couple “Would you like me to take a photo of your two lovebirds?” obviously this guy nailed it. We especially love that you can see their reflection in his sunglasses. 10/10 photobombs.

Well, it looks a bit scary.

Sinister Photobomb: This beautiful Sikh couple is all dressed up and ready to part. They decided to snap a photo of the occasion but didn’t notice their friend in the background epically photobombing this kodak moment. All that’s missing is a sinister mustache twirl! We give this 9/10 photobombs.

“This homeless guy photobombed my wedding shoot.”

Homeless Humor: This homeless man decided to photobomb this young couple’s wedding photos, as they posed for the camera, he stepped in and gave the most epic face of genuine humor we can think of. He’s absolutely elated to be ruining this moment, and we couldn’t agree more. 10/10 photobombs.

“One is never too old to photobomb a bikini shot.”

Bikini Photobomb: One can never be too old to photobomb a bikini photoshoot. These friends got together to pose for the camera, but not before this beach runner decided to bring our his inner troll. The only thing that could have made this better would be if he was wearing his own bikini. 7/10 Photobombs.

Let’s hope it’s just an illusion.

Filipino High School Ghost: Is this a ghost? Or a troll expert x1000? These two girls posed for a photo at their Filipino high school, and it wasn’t until later that someone noticed this rather demonic-looking apparition in the background. We’re not sure what to believe. We’ll give it 10/10 photobombs. Please don’t haunt us.


“Gimme a sec.”

Unintentional Cyclist: This wedding photographer lined up the entire wedding party perfectly. Just as they were about to take the photo, this cyclist decided to enter the frame and the look on his face is priceless. You can also see members of the wedding party laughing at his unintentional photobomb. We give this 7/10 Photobombs.

“Tried to take a selfie at JFK. Caught this gem before I could figure out how to reverse the cam.”

JFK Airport Custodian: Reddit user @sumthininteresting was trying to take a selfie at the JFK Airport, and mistakenly took this photo with their camera reversed the other way of this absolutely fabulous gem posing for the camera. The bomb was unintentional but made for an amazing photo nonetheless. 8/10 Photobombs!


He wasn’t invited to take a family photo, so he did what he had to.

Doggo Photo: This absolutely beautiful husky decided to photobomb her family photo after not being invited. PSSH! Who DOESN’T invite their doggo to be a part of the family photo? This dog shows everyone who’s boss and even has an adorable smile on their face! Just look at those eyes! GOOD BOY! 10/10 PHOTOBOMBS!

We’ve all sought that “Kodak” moment when it comes to getting the perfect picture. Sometimes, the most unexpected things happen when we’re taking these photos that we are completely surprised by the outcome.



What is your favorite photobomb from this article? Has something like that ever happened to you? Share your photos and anecdotes in the comments.

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24 Strangers Photobombed Ordinary Photos And Turned Them Into Real Gems

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