10 Biggest Flops Of Bollywood In 2017. These Movies Suffered Huge Losses

2017 has been a disappointing year for the celluloid industry on a broader scale.  For movies, it is all about the producers, box office and the final revenue at the end of it all. But this year has had many movies not even hitting their budgeted cost returns, thereby incurring losses.

The profit making movies for the year were unexpectedly the low budget movies. Well the proof for this is that the highest profit making movie for the year has been Subha Mangal Savdhan.

It seems that the audience and their tastes have changed over the period. Everything flashy does not sell easily with the masses these days, even though it has big names and banners on it. Essence seems to be the flavour of today, which seemed lacking in most of the big budget movies. Here are some of the movies which fared badly at the box office this year –

Jagga Jasoos –

The movie which seemed very attractive to the young generation was priced at a whooping 131 crores. But even though with good music it ended up making only 80 crores.

Rangoon –

Vishal Bharadwaj’s  multi starrer movie had set high expectations but failed to deliver to the audience. It was made at a budget of 80 crores and ended up making only Rs.41 crores at the box office.

Raabta –

Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon’s movie had amazing promos to it but the storyline failed to appeal to the public and it failed miserably at the box office as well. The 33 crore budget movie could only make Rs.25 crores.

Sarkar 3 –

The Big B, Amitabh Bachchan starer movie which also had Jackie shroff in it, looked promising but like most others the repetitive story line and plot was not good enough to convince the audience.A film made with a budget of 36 crores could only make 20 crores.

Jab Harry met Sejal –

Should be tagged as one of the most disappointing movies of this year. With the biggest names in the industry SRK and Anushka and Imtiaz Ali. The trio would come together to deliver such a non-appealing movie was least expected. The movie made at a budget of 119 crores could only make 86 crores.

Simran –

Despite the controvery around it, which supposedly would have added to the audience inflow at the theatres, the 28 crore movie could make only 7 crore at the box office.

The producers and the movie industry would now ponder over the fact that does only making big budget movies or having megastars can make a movie successful ? Well, we have our answers for sure.

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10 Biggest Flops Of Bollywood In 2017. These Movies Suffered Huge Losses

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