Why You Should Never Choose Your Own Profile Picture On Social Media !

Have you chosen the best profile picture for your social media and dating app? Have you considered it deeply? Well, we have a good and a bad news for you. Bad news first! The bad news is that you have most probably chosen the wrong picture for yourself. The good news is taking the help of friends can make the situation better. They often choose a better picture for your social media accounts. The truth is – you really suck at choosing the best picture for yourself.

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University of New South Wales Sydney in Australia researched 102 students to choose two of their twelve photos they would use for their social media apps like Facebook or Linkedin.Related image

Researchers then showed these images to strangers and asked them to rate these photos according to as they were – competent, confident, trustworthy, dominant, attractive. The strangers showed that those people chose the worst photos of themselves. But the random strangers picked up far better pictures than they themselves did.Image result for badoo

The lead author Dr. David White tells that we make the poorest choice when selecting the best images for ourselves, intended to flatter others or create a good first impression on others.

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Why is this so?

As explained, we are all so familiar seeing our mug that we can’t figure out the differences from one image to the next, and end up making the wrong choices for ourselves. “Familiarity makes it harder to choose the specific shot that best portrays us,” talks White.

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Though it might take more research work to understand this phenomenon more completely, White recommends if you want to land on your next day with an immediate success, ask some friend of yours to choose the best pic of yours. If you venture on your own, you might lose it aww!!

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Why You Should Never Choose Your Own Profile Picture On Social Media !

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