Do You Know Why Creative People Are Proven to Get More Dates !

A new study shows that looks can prove less important when your artistic ability is high. Creativity is something that can outweigh the effects of reduced smartness or average looks. When you are intensely working out at the gym, feeling insecure about your reduced looks, there’s a sign of relief for you. People with creative and artistic abilities can pull more people than you might think.Image result for creative people with girls

What’s new about this research? Your parents have been constantly telling you to keep the focus on your studies. But this is more than that. Brainy functions aren’t just equal to looks but can create more influence on others than just God looks. For instance, your partner may not be too crazy physically but if she has excellent drawing abilities or photographic abilities, you will most likely discount her negative traits.Related image

By writing poetry about your loved ones, planning on dates couples never thought of before, bringing interesting gifts etc. people can use their creativity to interact with their partner non-verbally. This creates a huge positive impact on the relationship. Creative displays keep your partner interested in you, make you more intriguing than before.Image result for creative people with girls

Biologically also this is proven. As a human species, natural selection designed us to be of such nature as to seek better partners for ourselves, giving us better offspring. We, then, naturally seek to look for those who seem better than us. Creative minds attract people who are easily intrigued by the shine of their poetry or painting on the canvas. Creative people are better partners at biological level as well.Image result for Why Creative People Get More Dates

So, you don’t have to worry about your average looks. It’s just normal. Make sure the creative and artistic side of your brain is brilliant enough to blind every other deficiency of yours.



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Do You Know Why Creative People Are Proven to Get More Dates !

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