Count your bracelet lines on Wrist…Here’s What It Means!

Palmistry, the art of hand reading, has its origins in India several thousand years ago. From India, it passed on to China and got mentioned in I Ching. From there, it quickly spread to Europe and passed to Aristotle, who taught his pupil Alexander, the Great, who used it to judge the character of his officials.

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If I am not wrong, you probably look at palmistry with a skeptic’s eye. This is because of the wrong ways it is portrayed in media, newspaper columns, and movies. Otherwise, there is nothing in palmistry you can describe as a pseudo-science or dismiss it as a superstition.

Now, look at the lines at your under-wrist, called Bracelet lines or Rascette lines. These horizontal lines separate the arm from the hand. They are useful in predicting the span of your life!

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According to Metaphysics, the more lines a person has, the more he’s expected to live and enjoy good health. If the first line is clear, unbroken and deep, the person can hope to enjoy good health. If it is broken or discontinuous, the person can face health issues. Also, the first line tells 23-28 years of life, thesecond line tells 46-56 years, third 69-84, and fourth more than 84 years!

Health issues are also commonly expressed by these lines. The first line tells different things about men and women. Women whose first line is broken or arches up towards the base of the palm are likely to face difficulty conceiving and giving birth. Men whose first line arches upwards are also likely to face reproductive issues, urinary and prostate difficulties. The second line tells about the person’s wealth. If it is clear and deep, the person can expect to make a lot of wealth out of it. If it is broken and unclear, their wealth prospects aren’t very clear.

The third line hints about your status. If clear and continuous, it means the person will be very influential and hold high status. If unclear, it means the opposite. The fourth line complements the third line. It runs parallel to it. For the lucky ones who happen to have a fourth line, they can expect even more fortified name and fame.

It’s indeed interesting to see how much of our future and personality is embedded in our hands. Just that we never observed. It’s a lot of fun once we observe nature has buried hints in our hands. Share with all you know!




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Count your bracelet lines on Wrist…Here’s What It Means!

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