20 Ridiculous Things Banned in Schools Around the World

 18. Facebook

Facebooking is evil. Just pure evil. According to an all-girls Jewish school in New York, girls shouldn’t be using this social networking website — even at home. The teachers think that it makes girls less modest than they should be. There. It’s all about being modest…and also about “not getting killed on the internet.”

17. Hugging

A Northampton elementary school decided that hugging your best pal should not be allowed. The teachers believe that children must learn how to respect the concept of personal space. However, the kids and their parents do not seem to accept this ban.

“It is going to prevent children developing social skills during their most formative years,” one of the parents said.

Why would you want to hug your friend? Being anti-social is so much better!

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20 Ridiculous Things Banned in Schools Around the World

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