20 Ridiculous Things Banned in Schools Around the World

School life can be pretty tough for kids with all the studying and growing up they have to do. It gets worse when teachers (a.k.a. adults) start imposing bans on things, especially if they are the things you love the most.

We at Bright Side found 20 ridiculous bans in schools around the world. As if puberty wasn’t tough enough!

20. Best friends

A school in south-west London has banned kids from having best friends because the teachers believe that it can be very upsetting for a child when the friendship ends.

We all fell out with our friends many times, and yet we are here all grown up. Perhaps they simply do not want them to socialize on school premises.

19. Father’s day cards

Scottish schools have banned cards for dads on Father’s Day to sympathize with kids who live with only moms. All right, fair play. However, what about kids with no moms or with 2 moms or dads?

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20 Ridiculous Things Banned in Schools Around the World

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